Hi have upgraded most of our SLES11 ZCM servers to SP4 without issues but have a couple of appliances that need to be migrated as well.
I am unsure I am following the documentation correctly as its a bit vague.

I have attached a new HDD to the appliance and run the migration utility which the displays a list of connected drives,

/dev/sdb is the drive mounted to /var/opt/novell/zenworks which stores all of the content of the existing server inc images content etc

/dev/sdc which is the new drive attached for the migration

I choose the new drive (sdc) and it copies alot of conf files which takes about 1 minute and the terminal states all tasks completed.
If I then try and close the terminal it says tasks are still being performed in the background, so I cancelled closing the terminal and have let it sit there, it has been a couple of hours now and is still not showing anything??
Does anyone know how long this should take given there are probably about 160GB of images in the images directory of content-repo and is this what it would be doing in the background?

I did not count on the appliance being down this long to migrate it to the new appliance, seems the server route is much easier to manage then the appliance as the ZMC upgrades on the Virtual Servers took about an hour to complete so a much smaller outage.

Any feedback appreciated.