I was trying to add a 11.4 appliance in as a secondary primary. Currently
have one primary server.

After going through the configuration via the web interface it returned
Configuration Failed
ZENworks configuration has failed. To review the configuration log, click
View Configuration Log. You must re-deploy and configure the ZENworks

Looking in the logs I see the following first error:
ERROR Unable to sign the csr. This means that this server will continue to
use a self-signed certificate.

after that (removed a lot of detail)
ERROR unable to import 'zenca' certificate.
com.novell.zenworks.configure.ConfigureException: Unable to import 'zenca'
certificate. at com.novell.zenworks.configure
ERROR Unable to create certificate store.
com.novell.zenworks.configure.ConfigureException: Unable to create
certificate store. at
com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.MergeTrustst oreConfigureAction.mergeCertStore
ERROR Unable to export ssl certificates
com.novell.zenworks.configure.ConfigureException: Unable to export ssl
certificates at
com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.ZoneAddConfi gureAction.getParameters
ERROR Unable to load certificate
com.novell.zenworks.configure.ConfigureException: Unable to load certificate
com.novell.zenworks.configure.actions.SSLConfigure Action.getServerCertificate
more beyond that but this is where it starts the errors.

Downloaded the VHD and MD5 checksum matched. I wiped everything out and did
it from scratch again but same exact result and error. Being this is an
appliance not sure where to go from here. If I reboot I can no longer get
into web interface. Shows inetd failed on console screen after reboot.

Jim Koerner
Server - ZCM 11.4 and Internal Database on Win2008R2x64
Clients - ZCM 11.4 and ZCM 11.3.2 FTF 1 on Win7SP1x64