hi all,

got a bundle of questions here

running securelogin 8.0.3 on win7 and 2008 r2 citrix-servers.
sldotnetsso64 eats up 15MB RAM on clients and 30MB (for each user) on
citrix servers. this seems excessive to me. does this process need so
much resources by default, can this be reduced some way?

we have a handful of .Net applications we'd like to keep working with
securelogin, so deactivating sldotnetsso64 is not desirable.

2. Seen on Citrix: interestingly the application definition for IBM
Notes (9) seems to sometimes let CPU-usage for some users sldotnetsso64
processes spike (means using a full core). restarting IBM Notes and
apart from using said RAM does not excessively use CPU any more. i have
seen that in the past with using '-regex' in my appl-def for Notes, this
seemed to cause major problems for sldotnetsso64.

anyone has experienced similar problems?

thanks in advance for your input, florian

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