I've uploaded the GroupWise Client 14.0.2 to our Apach2 Server and configured everything as shown in the novell documentation "Using Client Auto-Update to Distribute the GroupWise Client Software".

But I disabled the Client Auto update function on postoffice Level, because I dont want that every user gets the Client update.
So I activated the Client Auto update only on one user, to test if everything will work fine, before I activate it on post Office Level.

The user starts and Closes groupwise but nothing happens. There is no AutoUpdate Information or something else.

And there is no way to Trigger the update only to one user ? I have to Trigger it on postoffice Level, but to Trigger it on postoffice Level, I have to activate it on postoffice Level, but then all our users will get the update informations.

What else can I do to test the autoupdate function only on selected users ?

D. O.