Not very popular forum! =) I also never used this app before. Trying to.
ZCM 11 SP3. Goal is launching migration utility from Novell Application Launcher (NAL) window using DAU. Application was first (fro testing) installed from Desktop directly, not via bundle. Launched via NAL utility ok using DAU. (This simple bundle was made first.) Then made bundle for application setup and uninstalled already installed app from Desktop. After that launched migration utility via NAL, was detected app was missing, it was installed (via bundle) and then launched migration utility using DAU, but ... all users on this device appear in users list ok, but clicking next and ... "No system settings were detected" next "No applications were detected". Odd. As I mentioned first launching utility via NAL was everything fine. Running utility from Start Menu or directly from folder using admin-rights ... just fine. Well. Thought maybe with setup bundle (using system account) went something wrong. Uninstalled app, installed again directly from Desktop, running utility from NAL (using DAU). Same problem. Mh. Restarted computer, still same.
Any ideas? I want to launch this utility from NAL and will remove even shortcuts from Start Menu.
More thanks, Alar.