eDir 8.8 SP8, SLES 11 SP2

I made a schema extension yesterday - I defined a new attribute and then
added that attribute to an existing class definition. Immediately after
making that change, we lost all ability to make LDAP queries to any
replica in the system. We didn't have time to trouble shoot the problem
in detail - this happened on a live production system, and we needed to
restore operations ASAP. I applied another schema change to remove the
new attribute from the class definition. That restored operations.

We've been making schema changes in this way several times a year for
over a decade. This was the first time we've run into a problem like
this. We still need to make this change, but now we're concerned about
system stability in case the problem happens again. We'd like to
understand what possibly could have gone wrong here. This exact same
schema change had already been made in a different data center with no

Any ideas?


Steve Lewis

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