In one of my eDir drivers I am setting a local variable similar to the
format of \IDM\SVS\GROUP\CLASSOFHISTORY......after the local variable is
built, how can I look at it and just grab or parse the last part
"CLASSOFHISTORY" for example. I tried the parseDN verb but it didn't
work, because obviously it isn't a DN, it is a local variable that I am
building that just happens to be in the DN format.

This may not be the best place for this question because it isn't driver
specific, but more of a question as to how can I extract a particular
portion of a local variable, when the contents of that local variable in
my case is separated by "\". The portion I want to extract out of this
local variable, will always be after the last \, not sure if that helps
come up with any ideas or not.

I don't have a trace to post because I don't have any code written,
hence the reason for this thread. Thank you in advance for the help.

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