PostgreSQL and Tomcat upgrade


i do the upgrade on our test environment and i'm using the guide from
here: .

So i'm struggling with the point 19. -> upgrade postgresql and tomcat.
But how? There is no further documentation. If i run the install routine
from dvd /products/RBPM/postgre_tomcat_install it seem's that
the installer installs a new instance of tomcat and postgresql. If i
choose the old location /opt/novell/idm/rbpm than it seem as he only
update the database but not the postgresql instance.

If i install it with a new instance, there is still the old instance.
Should this be done and the old one removed??

The point "For more information, see Section IX, Installing the Single
Sign-on and Password Management Components." brings no clearness for me.
The user app itself is on another server.

Can anybody help me?


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