I am working on creating Windows 10 base images for initial testing and running into an issue when creating/restoring images with the img and the Tuxera NTFS driver. I follow the same procedure we use for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 - we use diskpart from the WinPE/Installation environment to create a single NTFS filesystem on a VMware virtual machine (Legacy/BIOS mode, no UEFI), install the operating system, then enter Audit Mode as soon as possible. After making necessary changes, we sysprep, shutdown and capture via img using the Tuxera driver.

Everything seems to go fine, no segfaults or errors from img but after restore Windows 10 dies at different points. With some images it gets far enough to say that my unattend.xml could not be processed and gets stuck in a loop. Other images (created from scratch each time) either fail to boot with the 'Recovery' screen or give an NTFS filesystem error. Each image dies at the same place on multiple devices - it seems like each image is consistently broken across multiple devices, so there seems to be no variability in the problem that an individual image file has.

To eliminate variables I've captured the very same sysprepped image in wim format using imagex from a Win PE 10 disc and everything works as expected - the OS boots fine, the unnattend.xml is processed, etc. I think I've exhausted all variables except img, which seems to be silently causing some kind of filesystem corruption. I spent more time that I would like to admit believing that my unattend.xml was really the problem, even after Windows SIM validated every line (even removed the 'deprecated' lines!)

Even more curiously, I made a quick-and-dirty, just for grins image of Win 10 as soon as the volume media hit the VLSC and restored to a box which exhibited no issues... a result I can't seem to explain either, nor reproduce. A newly created completely clean image, sysprepped, captured with img using the Tuxera driver exhibits the same issues I'm seeing now.

Has anyone had success or similar issues capturing/restoring Win 10 Enterprise images with img 11.3.2 or 11.4.0?

Thanks for any ideas!