Platespin 12

I have ran a Full Migration of a Server 2003 Standard virtual machine
from VMware vSphere 5 to Hyper-V 2012 R2. So far so good except the
target VM came online with it's original IP address whilst Platespin
installed drivers, uninstalled VMTools etc. This obviously conflicts
with the source server? Surely there is a way to avoid this?

I now want to do a server sync (changes only) so that I can do a
cutover. I have prepared the target VM, dragged the source VM onto the
target VM via the Platespin Migrate Client.

However under Guest NIC1 it has a big red X. Map x.x.x.x (Local area
connection 2) To: x.x.x.x on HV_VSWITCH. I have tried entering
different IP addresses, DHCP and I can't get the red X to go. At the
bottom of the screen it says All errors must be resolved before

Any help would be really appreciated. Essentially what I want to do

- Migrate a VM to Hyper-V without any downtime to the source VM
- Do a delta sync and then cutover to the Hyper-V VM.

I know Platespin can do this, not sure if I'm doing something wrong?

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