I need to run a one time audit (licensing/rights/users/etc) against an eDirectory/OES-Linux/GroupWise system. Since this is just a one time run doing it with Sentinal seems like it might be a bit of overkill (and they are not interested in ongoing). What do you recommend (free or built into the current products) for pulling that information these days?

LMS Assistant @ http://www.novell.com/licensing/lms/tools.html doesn't seem to exist anymore. I remember using that quite a bit for licensing audits, but not seeing it now.

On Netware I remember running trustee.nlm & a few other nlms to pull rights/trustee reports, but don't remember what to run on OES-Linux. I especially need to track down issues where users/groups have far more rights than they should.

For Groupwise 12 & earlier I recall how to pull reports such as user total, mailbox usage, etc using C1, however not familiar with doing any of that in 2014. Would be nice to pull a report for datasync/mobility to see which users are using it & devices associated too.

They have zenworks zcm11.2, but a spotcheck for the client & looking at the server for agent installs show it deployed no where.

I am guessing there are better/easier ways to run such a 1 time audit these days?