We are having trouble to upgrade Identity Manager from 3.5.4 to 4.5,
Identity Manager 4.5 and eDirectory 8.8 are freshly installed, then we
replicated the data and driver from production which is running same
version of eDirectory.

I can see all my drivers in the new imanager, but when I tried to start
the driver, any driver, I got "unable to start" error, trace shows
following log "Initialization document missing required element
'driver-options'.", google is not my friend on this search. I created
new driver in designer, but cannot find this element in the new driver,
so my first question is how could I add this element in the driver?

In the imanager, using version discovery, I cannot get version for the
driver replicated from the production. My second question is how do I
update the version for the driver?

I imported the driverset into designer, when I looked at the driver, or
driverset, everything seems normal, only all the GCVs are missing, my
third question is this normal? I will have to add all the GCVs back
manually, or is this because other problem causing it?

Sorry for the newbie questions, unfortunately, all our experienced
novell guys left.

Thanks in advance

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