Hello all!

This is a question very specific to eDirectory (and not that of OES). I couldn't find a section for eDirectory, and hence posting here. If anyone can help with the problem, that'd be great.

So I have a test eDirectory installation (mostly experimenting at the moment as a potential LDAP alternative). Configured a very basic tree, with a few users, and I can succesfully do LDAP/LDAPS bind. I am trying to configure SASL-GSSAPI method for LDAP. Mostly following this guide from netiq -> https://www.netiq.com/documentation/.../bs429ga.html#

However, I'm facing a problem, wherein creating a new Kerberos realm fails with error "Error: while setting master key for Realm Container cn=REALM,cn=Kerberos,cn=Security"
This problem is discussed here and here. But with no resolution.

Troubleshooting the problem hits a dead end. The stdout logs just say "setMasterPassword Exception", and stderr has a whole backtrace from com.novell.security.kerberos.Utilities.setMasterKe y (Utilities.java:306). If I create a Realm object manually, and try to set the master key, again it results in the same error.
Does anyone know what could go wrong here ? Anyone been successful in configuring Kerberos for eDirectory ? Is the above code (com.novell.security.kerberos) available somewhere ?

eDirectory version 8.8 SP5
iManager version 2.7.7