I am trying to install the fan-out driver for the first time.
first of all i have install the core driver and after that i have
the fan-out driver in imanager. Next i have change the default port 8090
to 8096 before starting the driver.
After that i have started the driver in imanager and it was started.
And the next step in the fan-out driver configuration plugin, i have
click on configure
imanager plugin and it started count 1 of 15. and its completed
succesfully 15 of 15.
Until here it works fine.

Next when i trying to configure census it was showing an error

Connection refused: connect

The plug-in could not contact the core driver at address
port 3451. Please ensure that this is the correct address and port. You
can change the address by selecting the "Configure iManager Plug-In"
task on the left.

If the address is correct, verify that the core driver is running and
responding correctly.

If problems persist, contact Novell Technical Support.

After this i have checked everything is fine with firewall and the port
8096 is also working
and the default tcp port 3451 is not working.

can any one suggest what i have to do.
Thanks iin advance.

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