Running GroupWise 2014 (14.0.1) on Win 7

Have been running fine with no problems for about 4 or 5 months. I was
deleting old GW accounts in Gwadmin last week and suddenly began getting the
following errors on my workstation:

c05d "Dependent store file does not exist on the disk."
c067 "Database store number is invalid."

I figured something had gone wrong while I was deleting accounts and waited
for the storm of user calls, but they never came.At this time, my Notify was
running and behaving properly, but I continued to get the c067 errors every
few minutes.

I restarted my GroupWise client to make sure there were no problems logging
in. The client came up with no problems, but after a few seconds, I got a
dialog box labeled Notify that said "Failed to connect to GroupWise." I
click OK and everything works, except Notify.

I checked Tools > Options > Security > Notify and saw my name listed in the
Notification list about a dozen times. I ran the GWCheck with the
delsubscriberecords option. All instances of my name are now gone from the
list, but if I try to add my name back to the list, the GroupWise client
crashes and closes.

I am experiencing the same behavior on different workstations with both GW 8
and GW 2014 on Win XP and Win 7 respectively. Any ideas what to try next?