We have installed the IDM 4.5 on windows and we have installed the IDM
4.5 user application and applied the patch SP1.

We tried accessing the the IDMProv application on browsers IE 9, IE 10
and IE 11.

IE 11 it works fine, no issues.

IE 10 - Initiallly after login, it was throwing an SCRIPT error - saying
the script was not enabled.
So, we have enabled the scripts, acitvex options (few more) on the
Internet Options and now it works.
We were able to successfully login and see Identity self-service,
Work-dashboard, and the other tabs etc.

IE 9 - IE 9 also having the same problem as IE 10. Initiallly after
login, it was throwing an SCRIPT error. So we have enabled the Internet
Options as same as IE 10.
AFter that we were able to login, and see the Work Dashboard Contents in
full page. but it was not showing up any TABs, like Identity Self
service, Work-dashboard , etc. Also, when we click Make a Process
Request, nothing dispalyed nor any errors on the page.

Most of our customers desktops having the IE 9, and IE 11 browsers. So
its important us to resolve the IE 9 issue.

So, please let me know if there is any specific setting need to be done
on browsers or User application side to resolv the issue.

I have also checked the forum posts but could not find any work around
for the IDM 45's default user application to work properly in IE 9.

Thanks in advance.


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