Hi All,
I've configured NAM 4.1 to publish Novell Filr using a domain based
Reverse Proxy (https://filr.domain.com). I've associated a NRL Contract
(basic class) to use Filr with Client App and Mobile App.
Now I've to configure another Reverse Proxy for web browser access with
Form Contract using the same URL. I've tried to configure a path based
Reverse Proxy (with Remove Path on fill option); the path is
https:/filr.domain.com/web. I can authenticate and access correctly to
Filr and display the Filr Home Page, but when I try to move to other
menus, I always display the "User Profile" page.

Do you know if is possible to use a path based Reverse Proxy or Novell
Filr don't support this configuration?

Thanks for you support

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