Good morning all.

We are running IDM 4.0.1 and using the User App to allow password
changes from off site. We have setup password expiry notification to
our users.

A few months ago Firefox went to higher encryption standard, which did
not affect us all that much. Now that Chrome has also implemented these
higher requirements we are being called at least once a day with folks
getting the "weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key" error.

I have done some research and I was able to fix the "weak key" when
accessing the server with iManager by making changes to the Tomcat
server.xml file. These changes do not seem to affect the User App. only
iManager. My guess the User App uses a different Tomcat setup some

We are in the process of updating to SSPR and IDM 4.5, though these
updates are sure to take awhile to implement. In the interim though, I
wondering if there is a work around I can use with the User App?

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.



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