Hello everyone,
Could use your ideas / experience on the following matter :
Network with OES 11 file server, Windows 7 used at database server, WS Xp, 7 and 8 mixed.

Database server needs access to the File Server, so it has installed Novell Client 2 SP4
But access to database is slow from the WS.
Tried to fiddle around with offload setting etc.
But access stays slow.

Database access from WS is maximum about 4 MB/s, making backup from within the database to file server, also about 4 MB/s maximum.
But when copying a file from the Database server to the File server, I get about 50 MB/s.

Supplier of database, blaims the Novell Client for the slowless.
I have found some tips about changing the network provider order.
Anyone have experience with this kind of issue ?