Long time Novell admin - honestly never even touched a windows domain.
Our company just merged with a smaller windows domain company and we've started to build a whole new network. So far we have 3 oes 11 servers each with direct attached storage arrays and with nss/cifs and all the standard modules installed - all to be used as file storage.
The windows domain admin wants to use dsfw to administer his users and provide group policy (hopefully without actually having a windows server and it's licensing running)
So - should we install a fourth server with oes and dsfw into the new tree? or re-purpose one of the existing three (is it easy to uninstall cifs, etc? or better to wipe and replace?)

Eventually we want to have the main location with two remote locations (one of the remotes is where most of the old windows domain users reside) would it be better to put the dsfw system at the remote location? or to set up a second dc at that location (each remote location will have a storage array to facilitate company wide backups)

Also - we intend to run GW 2014 on one of the original 3 - could we install our Gwava reload on the dsfw server? or does that need to be dedicated?

At this point none of this is virtualized, but it could be in the future.