We are in the process of upgrading our IDM to 4.5 and in doing so we are
looking at making a few structural changes. One of the questions that
came up from our networking people was high availability for drivers. So
if we have an identity vault with a replica one can go down and we can
keep on rolling until we recover. But, for instance, if we an an AD that
crashes we have a replica that we can use. However, unless, I am missing
something, I would have to reconfigure the driver to point to the
replica. Is there any sort of failover in any drivers where upon if the
destination service is unreachable, an alternate can be used or would it
have to be manual? This isn't specific to AD though, just a question
about drivers in general. They just wanted to know one way or another
because they are trying to decide how it will affect the users and how
they need to plan the network.

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