I have two Oracle EBS drivers up (UM and HR), both are subscriber only
(because of weirdness of Oracle EBS you need an HR record for many
applications; the client's HR is actually* so we don't
provision anything OUT of Oracle HR). So both drivers are subscriber
only, although the filters are set to notify or reset on attributes on
the publisher channel except DirXML-ebsPersonID which I think is the
association value and needed to keep the drivers associated to the same
records in Oracle.

Now there is a step in the installation process called "Subscribing to
the Business Events" which appears to me to be configuring Oracle to
send event notifications to the publisher. Is this necessary in a
subscriber only use case? Could it be turned off (if so how?). The
reason is that the client is complaining that one of their tables,
IDMUSRMGT.IDM_EVENTS, seems to have grown to a million rows, which they
suspect is causing Oracle performance issues. Since nothing like a
million events came from IDM to Oracle, I suspect these are unprocessed
publisher events, which, if we turn off the unneeded subscription, will
stop accumulating and could be deleted.

But before I dive in to experimentation, I wanted to know if anyone else
might have a previously discovered clue here.


* - PS if anyone needs a driver for Workday HR, I have a very powerful
IDM solution written and deployed at multiple clients. Have your people
call my people, we'll do lunch.

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