Could someone explain the real purpose of GWIA's LDAP server?
The documentations reads:
"With LDAP enabled, the GroupWise Internet Agent functions as an LDAP server, allowing LDAP queries for GroupWise user information contained in the GroupWise Address Book."

As far as I know, eDirectory is required for GroupWise. Or at least an LDAP server (could be AD, right?), where it can 'store' entities.
If an LDAP server is a requirement for GroupWise, what is the purpose of enabling LDAP on the GWIA? There is already a LDAP server out there... I am confused.

What GroupWise user information could be 'read out' through LDAP? Email addresses only? Or more?

Also, is there a difference in the gathered data between
- enabling LDAP on the GWIA to 'allow LDAP queries', and use the GWIA as LDAP server
- use eDirectory (or AD) as LDAP server

And finally, if GW is installed on a OES server with eDir on it, if we enable GWIA's LDAP server, who will listen on port 389 (636)? The GWIA or eDir's LDAP?