I have always used Console One, because I am not a fan of iManager at all as there is so many more steps to do the same thing that was easy in Console one. I had console one on a Windows XP machine as I couldn't get it to work on my Windows 7 machine, but now since XP is not supported by Microsoft I am trying to use iManager. The one issue I have is that I am always in the middle of doing something and then it kicks me back to the login screen. I could be creating a user account and I click on the browse button to browse down the tree to choose where to put the user and the window pops up for this but instead of having the Tree to browse it has a login screen for me to login to. I constantly get kicked back to the login screen while doing certain things. I have the timeout set for 1 hour so that is not the issue as this can happen 30 seconds after logging in to imanager. Sometimes I log in, then go directly down to users and click on Create user and once I click on create user it kicks me back to the login screen.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? This happens to me in IE, Chrome, and Firefox.