Hello Fellow Novell Denizens;

I found the following document that covers up to OES 2 and that split horizon DNS(views) is not supported by Novell DNS only BIND9 supports it.

We are deploying a Cisco UC that requires that the same internal DNS entries and external DNS entries can resolve to different addresses.


To explain my environment a little more, our DNS domain is hosted by an external ISP on their DNS server as primary and resolved globally. My internal DNS server is currently caching only for the domain in question.

My question is two fold.

1.) Does OES 11 SP2 Novell DNS, support Split-horizon DNS? (views) and do I need to do this do split horizon DNS to accommodate the above?
2.) Is there another way to accomplish this with our caching DNS server? Since it's not tied into pass entries up to the primary?

I'm far from a DNS expert. So I apologize for my ignorance. I learn what I need to, to implement what I must.