Over the last few days my boss has tried to send a mail with two pdf documents attached.
First time he got a D028-error, but the mail did get delivered.
But the external receivers claimed one of the attached pdf-files were corrupted.

Next time he was very careful:
Got the files in a mail from his secretary - checked he could open both files.
Forwarded the mail to the external receivers, and checked again he could open the two pdf files before the mail was sent.
But again, one of the files got corrupted.

I checked his sent items folder, and here the corrupt pdf was 0 KB instead of the intended 3.724 KB, and couldn't be opened.

I have no idea what is wrong, so any suggestions are more than welcome.

We use GroupWise 2012.04 (both server and client) on Windows7 (client) and Windows2003R3 (server).

I plan to upgrade to 2014.02 server this Sunday, but keep the clients on 2012.04
It would be easy it this could solve the problem :-)

Jens Jakob Sørensen
Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg