I have a few questions when we have created custom portlets for the
NetIQ Dashboard.
1. When we create a custom portlet the java file JSPPortlet.java is
created under the WEB-INF folder. What is the purpose of this java file
and is it being called in the portlet?
If I need to add additional java files for a custom portlet what is the
correct location to put the java files so they can be called from the
2. When portlet is created the WEB_INF/lib directory is empty. When the
war file for this portlet is created some jars are automatically
inserted into the WEB_INF/lib folder. From where do these jar files get
inserted in WEB_INF/lib folder in the war file? If I need to add some
additional jars to the portlet where do these files have to be placed to
be included in the portlet war file?
If I put additional jar files in the WEB_INF/lib folder will they be
picked up on the CLASSPATH of the portlet?
Thanks for your help and we are using version 5.6 of NOC and Dashboard.

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