I'm having some trouble with the CIFS protocol on a Novell OES 2 SP3 cluster. I'm trying to enable the protocol and its services for our cluster virtual servers, and I am having trouble doing so. I'm no expert on novell-cifs or novell-ncs so the information I have may or may not be relevant.

Before I elaborate further, here are my environment details:

  • All servers in the cluster are OES 2 SP3 Linux
  • 4 servers are present in the cluster (home-svr, data-svr, archive-svr, software-svr)
  • Every server has CIFS installed and running
  • Every server's CIFS service uses a common CIFS user in eDirectory
  • 4 virtual servers exist (home, data, archive, software) and are accessible over AFP and NCP
  • We migrate shares between servers for failover and present them to users using their virtual server names (users map to \\data.myorg.net\data, but the share data may be presented from home-svr)

Here are my observations of the current environment:

  • novell-cifs is running on all servers without problems
  • When accessing the cluster shares by their virtual server names, CIFS doesn't work on 3/4 servers
  • All cluster shares are accessible via their virtual server names when on the server "software-svr" if I migrate them to "software-svr"
  • If the cluster shares are migrated to servers that are not "software-svr", shares become inaccessible over CIFS
  • I cannot add a CIFS share manually to a virtual server with the novcifs command
  • Testing with nbtstat against the virtual server IP fails when the shares are not migrated to "software-svr". The failure is "host not found"
  • All 8 servers objects in eDirectory appear to be fine and are not missing the CIFS schema or attributes

If I attempt to run the novcifs command to manually add a CIFS server I get a success returned:
data-svr:~ # novcifs --add --vserver=.CN=data.OU=server.o=MYORG.T=TREE. --ip-addr=
Adding a Virtual Server is completed successfully
But I receive the following error:
Sep 16 14:36:11 data-svr CIFS[32554]: EVENT: CLI: AddServer : Adding virtual server FDN .CN=data.OU=server.o=MYORG.T=TREE. with IP 0xd064a8c0
Sep 16 14:36:12 data-svr CIFS[32554]: CRITICAL: BROWSER: Failed to bind to virtual server IP. Error: 98
Sep 16 14:36:12 data-svr CIFS[32554]: EVENT: CLI: AddServer : Successfully added virtual server FDN=  .CN=data.OU=server.o=MYORG.T=TREE., netbios= STER_DATA_W,IP= 0xd064a8c0 comment = Cluster Virtual CIFS Server
Sep 16 14:36:12 data-svr CIFS[32673]: EVENT: NBNS: Creating a NBNS listener for ip on UDP port 137
Sep 16 14:36:12 data-svr CIFS[32673]: WARNING: NBNS:   Bind failed for virual server ip = port 137: System Error No = 98
Sep 16 14:36:12 data-svr CIFS[32673]: CRITICAL: NBNS: Socket creation and binding for virtual server failed
Can anyone offer some pointers on how to get the other 3 servers in my cluster group to present shares using the CIFS protocol, or any other relevant information to gather to further diagnose the problem?