What's the recommended (and Novell supported) application server
environment for this on SLES11?

3.3 docs state

2.1.6 Supported Application Servers
 Java JDK 1.7 or later
 Apache Tomcat 7 or 8.
Other Java Application Servers are not supported.
NOTE: Oracle no longer supports Java JDK 1.7. Hence, NetIQ recommends to
use Java JDK 1.8.

SLES11 has tomcat6, which seemed to be supported to sspr v3.2 but no
So, has anyone got a SLES11 box running with Tomcat8 and JDK1.8 (for
longevities sake!

Any recommendations on source (pref. repos) for these?

If not do we just pull down and manually install
http://tinyurl.com/pwmw54h ? Any advice/guidance on replacing the native
tomcat 6 with 8?
At least the JDK is available as rpm! http://tinyurl.com/puhhbtr

Are these OK on SLES11 x64?

Any advice welcome!

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