Strange thing happening with Cert when trying to replace in device folder have new mobility.pem and mobility.cer in device folder, AND using that same pem that was copied to server.pem in webadmin folder and GMS Admin Console updated and working fine.

When the new 2016 cer/pem is placed in device folder and gms services restarted. devices break and thawte site cert check reports network error or url not found.
Have even tried restarting server.
When put the cer/pem files back to 2015 files and restart gms everything works again and thawte site cert check immediately reports valid cert for the old one about to expire.

Pem file we know is working because it's the same pem GMS admin console is using.
When I log in as a user to GMS admin console and go to devices and click mobility certificate file it downloaded the updated cert with the 2016 expiration date, so I believe the mobility.cer file is correct also.

webadmin working with 2016 server.pem file
had to roll devices back to 2015 mobility cer and pem file

At a loss, any ideas??