A customer would like to use the CLE as password reset option. We have
an Access Manager in front of a SAML2 IDP. The link in the CLE points to
the AM which then redirects the user to the IDPs login site. In CLE 3.9
you can add white listed sites, which I have done, and the redirecting
works. But, first a popup is shows about an ActiveX object not being
loaded. ActiveX is disabled in the restricted browser. So I click ok to
that, but then 5 or 6 popups is shown about a Javascript running, and if
I would like to stop that script. The login on the IDP uses Javascript,
so no, I would like it to run. So I click no 6 times. Then, it just
loads for ever. Is there any way of enabling ActiveX for the restricted
browser, and not having these popups shown?

By the way, is the restricted browser using the installed browser on the
PC, for example IE11, or is it running its own IE version?

Thanks in advance,


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