I finally have some free time to come back and visit developing my ZMM environment. Right now I'm using ZMM 3.2.1 and doing my development work with an Android 4.4.2 device which uses WiFi only. Currently the issue that I'm experiencing is that I cannot get email to automatically set up. The device receives the validation email but keeps displaying the message "Unable to connect to server."

ZMM is configured with my GroupWise Mobility Server (v2.1.0 build 230) as the ActiveSync server, and successfully connects when I use the console's Test Now button. I'm configured to use port 443, SSL, Hands-Off Enrollment, and Autodiscovery, and I added the autodiscovery DNS records to my internal and external DNS service which does provide the correct information when I use nslookup. Any ideas as to what I am missing? This is my last hurdle before moving on to IOS devices.