Not sure if this is related, but I didn't have redirection setup initially. I moved the instance to another VMWare host using Converter. I forgot to set the VMXNET3 card, so I added VMXNET and deleted the original NIC. So it's using eth2 instead of eth0. I tried removing and re-adding the NIC, but it shows as eth2, still. I did read about removing them all, then rebooting, then adding the NIC, but didn't want to make things worse.

Everything is running and running other than Port Redirection. I have the Reverse Proxy set to 80 and 443, and Port Redirection Ports to 8080 and 8443, with for SSL enabled.

Not sure what else I need to set or look at. If I use port 80, I just get and Apache Access Denied page. 8080 redirects to 443. 8443 works just fine, as does 9443.