G'day All,

Just had a very puzzling afternoon.

A PC used for software development stopped seeing the usual Windows path during login with the latest (and previous) Novell clients.

The login would proceed apparently normally - MAP ERRORS ON showed nothing. But any reference to a Windows command (e.g. xcopy) failed.

When we set some traps during the login script, the Windows path setting showed as Z:. That is, Z: alone - without the %systemRoot% etc. settings.

When we finally looked at the Windows path setting in the environment it was 1071 (approx.) characters long. When we reduced this to less than 1,000 characters, the login script worked as required. Some experimenting showed that the limit for the unexpanded path setting was 1024 characters. By unexpanded I meand with the %SystemRoot% labels as shown, not C:\WINDOWS...

Windows has a 4096 character limit on the path setting. It seeems that the Novell client is a little bit behind the times.

I'm posting this a s a "heads up" to see if anyone else has experienced this.

I'm hoping that the Windows 10 client will have already addressed this issue..Also,