Hi all,
I have a customer that is having problems when he try to authenticate users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager thru DSFW.

A new CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) service was installed. This service uses an AD as a data source for user information, such as internal telephone and e-mail. It makes connecting to AD in read-only mode and periodically synchronizing internal data base. Another functionality that counts is a self-portal using the AD as a source of user authentication. We are having two compatibility issues, in the case of data synchronization Users, the user data registered in DSFW to realize it can only execute the function if he has administrator rights (with a native AD is not needed). Moreover, the functionality of authentication source for self portal, is not working (with a native AD runs smoothly). Are there any similar case?

We use DSFW in OES 11 SP2.
The product is CISCO Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5.2