Hi all,

I deleted the self-signed certificate under Web Application Certificate when I was trying to get a signed cert work.

I uploaded the cert and chain cert this summer but revisited today because the mobile print app complained about the cert.
(My iprint users don't use HTTPS to install printers)

I read later in the doc that the selfSigned cert should NOT be deleted (then why does it only last 2 years??)

I cloned the server and with some fiddling with a new eth1 if got it working with the same IP in an isolated environment.

And no, I did not do a snapshot.....
(I might have a backup from may though....)

So, my questions is simple: What do I do now?
Follow the TID about replacing self-signed cert?

The original issue, how do I get a cert active on the server?

I leave my faith in the vast collective knowledge of the forums.