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Thread: Changing folder icons and other 2014 interface issues

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    Angry Changing folder icons and other 2014 interface issues

    I totally disagree with the following statement in the manual: "A modern layout and large, easily identifiable icons make features, resources, and folders more discoverable and intuitive".

    Icons are NOT more easily identifiable, I can't find anything in my (pretty big) folder structure anymore. The folder icons are a pain most of all, not even to mention the colors (changing theme doesn't matter). I want to change them, preferably back to what they were in 2012. But so far i haven't found a solution. Is there any way i can change this?

    We've installed the new client at our IT department first, and soon want to upgrade our 300 clients as well. As I am supporting them I'm expecting many complaints about the new interface. Most of our users have bigger folder structures in their mailboxes than I have, and I already hate the new interface due to the bad choices that were made in the new interface design. I'm expecting dozens of calls about this so would like a solution beforehand.

    Also now I have to mouse-over the folder list to see which folders can expand, full overview of my folders and sub-folders is totally gone. Any way to enable this permanently?

    And there is many more useless changes which in my opinion make the interface worse. Like the compose and read email windows, especially the headers.

    Anyone able to help? Are there possibilities at all besides novell.com/enhancements ?
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