My environment is a Vmware VM OES 11 SP2 server running Groupwise 2014 SP2 (Domain, Post Office, and WebAccess).

Total VM memory is 8G with 1 CPU - 2 Core.

After upgrading from GroupWise 2012 to GroupWise 2014 every couple weeks we have to restart novell-tomcat6 due to High CPU.

Looking at TOP, we see that JAVA jumps to a consistent 175% after a couple weeks.

Initially we thought this was addressed in 2014 SP2 where there is a fix for high CPU after loading tomcat. (920491 - High utilization shortly after starting tomcat).

I believe the JAVA default Xmx is 512M

I would like to test the Java settings as Xms2048m and Xmx4096m.

The information that I've found is confusing in how and where to make these changes.

Does someone out there have some knowledge in how to determine the current Java settings and then how to configure the beast?

Thanks, Dave.