we have the following setup:
one primary server ZCM 11.2.4 (Monthly update 1) on SLES 10 32Bit
we are using the embedded sybase database

we want to Migrate to ZCM 11.4 on SLES 11 SP3 64Bit

we installed a second server with the same ZCM version in the Management Zone.

we try to migrate with the ZCM 11SP3 media as follows:
setup.sh -R

the Migration runs to the end but says it has some serious errors.
Checking the server migration log reveals java stack traces, being the first one:
Database Service failed to start: 7. Ensure that the database engine name is unique

This makes me believe that the database-server might be still running while the migration process tries to start the new database service with the same name as the one running on the primary server to be replaced.
We saw that the old primary server is shut down during the migration process, may be a timing problem?

Furthermore, i checked the sybase-version installed on the new designated primary server and it is Sql Aynwhere 10. On the primary server to be decommissioned is Sql Anywhere 12 running.
Looks strange to me.

Any Ideas?

Thank you