I have one user that cannot change his pw via userapp. I can change his
password administratively from ConsoleOne, but the user cannot log into
the password portal in user app(error: login failed). I had the user
walk through the forgot password link and to try and change his pw using
the challenge response questions, he was able to get passed those but
when he typed his new password in, I saw in the logs the error "Error #:
-1, 681, Error Msg: NMAS Operation failed." and so obviously he could
not set a new pw. I created a test user in the same context as his
account and I can change the pw just fine and log into the userapp
password portal with no issues.

I have no idea why userapp would stop this.....as stated above, I can
change the pw for him in ConsoleOne perfectly fine and log in with his
new credentials via iManager....just not userapp. Any help is
Thank you,

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