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Thread: Inventory report question

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    Inventory report question

    I created a report that shows how many windows xp workstations are in our department. I was able to do this fairly easily, but I ran across one problem. Is there a way to not have the report include any workstations that do not run the adaptive agent? For example, we run a portable collector for laptops and other computers not on our network. I can't seem to find an option when creating the report that excludes the portable devices.

    Any help would be very helpful!


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    Re: Inventory report question


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    Re: Inventory report question

    Hi Darren -

    There's a way to do this in the built-in ZCC reports. What you need to do is first build a report of XP machines in your department that DO run the adaptive agent, and then build a second report that shows all devices not included in the first report. There are a pair of reports shipped with ZENworks that provide an example of how to do this. Look in Reports > Inventory Custom Reports > Software Applications for two reports: "Workstations with antivirus software" and "Workstations without antivirus software." These together demonstrate how to build the inclusion report and then the device-based exclusion report.
    Bruce McDowell
    Technical Services Consultant, McDowell Consulting LLC

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