I've got UA 4.5 running correctly where I'm able to authenticate and
access Identity Manager Home and from there access /landing /dash /rra
/IDMProv. All pages and functions are working correctly......BUT only
through Firefox. IE11 just shows blank pages when going to the URL's
for /landing /dash /rra which should show the OSP authentication page.
I do get the OSP authentication page for /IDMProv and am able to
authenticate and perform actions, but the Home button (top right) does
not display so there is still something not right.

Yet on Firefox....life is great! I've just began to work with our
Desktop\Application deployment teams to trouble shoot further on the
issue but just wondering if others experience or resolved a similar

Our IE version is IE11.0.9600.18015
My Firefox that I'm playing with is even out of date at version 19.xxx

Ideas ?

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