background: IDM 4.5 AE, while searching to assign a user to a role.

My client reported this error to me but I was unable to reproduce it,
until I went out for my favorite sugar free vanilla almond milk latte
with 5 espresso shots. When I came back I tried it again and got the
error, realizing this was just a timeout error in the UA. The problem is
that this isn't really acceptable, we need to get the components all
timing out together so we don't get incomprehensible error messages (I
comprehense them, but I get annoyed and the client just doesn't

Now I have heard rumor that there are some places where this timeout can
be adjusted, in iManager in an object which controls NMAS in the
security container, in configupdate, etc., and if we get them all in
agreement everything will be peaches and cream. Forgetting for a moment
that I have gone dairy free, I need to figure out how to get here, where
to find said attributes and parameters, so my client is not so confused
when they come back from procuring -their- particular favorite over
priced highly caffeinated beverage. I looked but can't find it.


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