Have a strange request from our business. They are rolling out an LMS
system for external users who come in via the Internet. The LMS system
is located in the cloud and in a few months time we will be implementing
SAML SSO between our IDP and the LMS system. However, the business want
the dealers to get used to logging in with their B2B credentials, which
means they would want the user to attempt to access this externally
hosted site be redirected to the B2B login and after entering their
credentials be redirected to the LMS system where they would need to
login using their LMS credentials.
Obviously when we implement SAML it will be straightforward in that the
user would attempt to access the site, the site's SP would redirect the
user to our B2B (IDP) login and then would be redirected into the site.
However, in this interim period they want us to do as stated above. The
url for the site is specific to our company but is in a domain managed
by the external company. Is there any way we could configure NAM to
make this possible or will they just have to accept that until SAML is
implemented the users will go straight to the LMS system login page?

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