We are currently on iPrint ppliance 1.1 patched to 416. That patch
level introduces windows client 6.01, replacing the 6.0 client that
was available earlier.

We have turned off automatic updating of the client due to the problem
we have with end users, under the new client, being asked to interact
with the client the first time the ipp page is accessed after
installing the new client. Starting a printer install results in a
dialog box asking the user to select an application for processing
printer installations, and tick a box to indicate the selection should
be remembered. This happens in both FF and Chrome, but at least with
the 6.01 client printer installations DO complete when done in Chrome.

Our problem stems from the facts that A) our end users are NOT local
admins on their machines, and B) the selection must be made in each
browser individually and C) the dialog and selections are
profile-specific, so have to be done by each and every user touching
the machine. This absolutely does not work for us in a lab setting!

So my questions are:

1. Why is this behavior appearing, and why is it deemed necessary? We
have never had to have ANY end user interaction before other than
their selecting a printer to install from the ipp page.

2. Does the 6.02 client exhibit the same behavior? And is this
behavior going to be an ongoing "feature" in future clients?

During the brief time period when we had auto-update turned on, we
received enough negative feedback on the change in user experience to
trip off a movement to start researching options to iPrint--that
directive has now landed on my desk. I've asked about this client
issue before, in this and other locations, but no one from Novell has
addressed it. Are we the only ones seeing this behavior, is it our
personal 800lb-gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about, or

Information would be appreciated.