I'm upgrading our ZCM11 domain from 11.2.4 to 11.4. I saw that the supported upgrade path, in this case, is upgrade the [unique] primary server to 11.3, then the satellite servers. After that, start deploying 11.4.
OK, done it. Now I'm deploying 11.4, and after a loooong time syncing and distributing the upgrade, I saw that three of the satellites are not supported on SP4.

Primary server is SLES 11 SP3. 16 of the satellites are OES 11 SP2 over SLES 11 SP3. The problematic last 3 are OES 2 SP3 over SLES 10 SP4. All end stations are windows 7. Each satellite serves a branch site.

My question is, may I just ignore this and leave them on ZCM 11 SP3, knowing that they'll be retired next year? Or will I have to demote them to normal devices (leaving the branches served by them without local satellites) to continue the migration?