We are using MS Office 2013 32 bit on Win 7 64 bit with (different AD)
SharePoint 2013.

When opening a document in Word, WinWord.exe puts up a Windows Security
dialog box. I can detect this box based on the parent window and and
dialog title (Windows Security).

What I am trying to do is detect which site it is connecting to so I
only trigger on the correct site. The Windows Security dialog has the
text "Connecting to <FQDN>"

Previously I could simply do " Ctrl #1 -Regex "Connecting to <FQDN>*"
and it worked.

Now it seems that text is not a Ctrl anymore.

The Window Finder tools (32 or 64 bit) don't seem to be able to select
the text or return Ctrl IDs for the elements on the dialog. The Wizard
can see the other elements but not the text.

I tried readtext -order with increasing numbers and that got the other
CtrlID text, but I could not find this text.

Anyone got any ideas on this ???

With joint venture SharePoint setups I would think this is fairly common
scenario !


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