I have a client we are configuring AR 1.1 for with a JDBC based
application collector that is collecting data but matching to the
identity collected data is incomplete. We see 7 users with accounts when
we should see over 50 on this application.

It appears to me that the matching between the Identity and Application
collectors (which I have configured using eMail address) is behaving as
case sensitive when we need it to be case insensitive. I was able to
look at the database using SQL Squirrel and the directory using an LDAP
browser, two users I checked that were among the 7 had a case exact
match for eMail, one miss I examined the case was different I also
tried changing the SQL that the collector uses to force the eMail to all
lower case using the lower() function. That resulted in zero matches. I
cant find a similar ability in the identity collector to transform the
collected address as all one case or the other.

My investigation was that for the sample user I found, Mark Hermann
there are THREE records in the database, with email of, MHERMANN@ACME.COM and with three
different IDs. They all came up in the result set from the SQL
statement, SELECT * from P21_VIEW_USR where The directory has
which is an exact match for none of them.

I could work around this if I could understand how to implement a
transformation when data is collected from the LDAP Identity source to
transform the value of the mail attribute stored in the AR database,
forcing it to lower case. Not sure if / where that can be done.


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