We have 2 zenworks servers 11.2.4 and 11.3.2. I want to move the entire workstation devices from the 11.2.4 to the 11.3.2.
I have been doing this by running script that unreg the workstation from the 11.2.4 server removes the GUI and the registers the workstation with the 11.3.2 server. For about 80% of the workstations when they register with the 11.3.2 server the agent on the workstation upgrades from 11.2.4 to 11.3.2. For the other 20% they register with the 11.3.2 server fine but the agent will not upgrade. So we have workstations with old agent on new server.
The workstations that fail are a mixture of xp and windows 7. From my investigation the problem appears to be the ZENPreAgent service either does not start or it does start but then stops during the upgrade and the upgrade fails.

Anybody got any ideas or a better way of doing this