Novell Client 2SP4 for Windows (IR1) has been released. This Client includes support for Win 10.

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New fixes included in the Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows (IR1):

1. Application can hang when a DFS junction target is to a folder that the current user does not have sufficient permissions to access. (Bug 940022)
2. Using the "Context:" field drop-down history selection during login could fail to override the use of "<DHCP>" in that field. (Bug 939137)
3. Whenever data has been manually entered into a DHCP-enabled field on the login dialog, DHCP will become diabled for that field if the login attempt is successful. (Bug 938947)
4. Invoking "Uninstall" for Novell Client from the new Windows 10 "Settings" apps list could fail, even though legacy Add/Remove Programs control panel still works. (Bug 937927)
5. "Novell DFS Junction Information" tab does not show in the Windows Explorer properties if DFS junction target is a folder rather than volume root. (Bug 937160)
6. Registeration of Novell Client shell extensions could fail during installation on Windows 10. (Bug 936791)
7. Installation of a network client on Windows 10 may not automatically add the new network provider to the Windows network provider order. (Bug 936329)
8. Windows 10 no longer presents the "Connecting..." status page during credential provider logon. (Bug 936328)
9. Potential deadlock when concurrent NET USE / WNetAddConnection operations were being performed. (Bug 934436)
10. Desktop task bar may become unresponsive when using a Windows Explorer tool bar shortcut to a Novell Client-based network location. (Bug 932854)
11. If the crypto key container becomes corrupt for any reason, NCCredProvider initialization fails and never recovers. (Bug 930481)
12. Potential kernel-mode bugcheck due to deferred special kernel mode APCs when co-existing with additional filter drivers. (Bug 928227)
13. Potential deadlock in NCP oplock break processing which allows a workstation to become unresponsive to future oplock break notifications. (Bug 924017)
14. IP Address Costing can now be enabled in Novell Client Properties ("IP Address Costing" under the "Advanced Settings" tab) to provide TCP-based costing. Subnet matching and ICMP Echo-based costing are not yet implemented. (Bug 615005)


Earle Wells

Novell Technical Services